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Friday, 31 October 2014

A RUBY OF OUR DEEN: If she does not motivate you, Allah knows best!

7th Muharram, 1436                                                Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barkaatuhu brothers and sisters in Islam. Alhamdulillaah for the uncountable blessings. Alhamdulillaah for Islam. May He, azza wa jal, keep us on this gift, His guidance. Aameen. Remember to not forget me in your du’a. Tell Allah azza wa jal to make me simply ‘a beautiful soul’. The amazing thing is that; as you make du’a for me, the Angels do the same for you (smile for sadaqa). May Allah azza wa jal bless us with the gift of contentment and the zeal to strive in His way solely for His pleasure. Aameen.

So, I have an uncountable number of people who pull the ‘take advantage of now to worship Allah before later’ string in my heart and soul. Some of them I came across some years ago, when I didn’t even know what I was probably about exactly in this life and I keep discovering some more, alhamdulillaah.

Among them are men and women and of course these are straight from the Prophet Muhammad, suallallaahu alayhi wa sallam (who is more than enough as a motivator), his faithful male and female companions (super awesome heroes) and many others who are long dead. I call them; ‘the men and women of old who inspire me.’

These are men and women we must stop all else and read and learn about with vigour and all seriousness. So I started some updates on seerah especially of Umar ibn al-Khattab radiyallaahu anhu on facebook with the hashtag #LEARNSEERAHCAMPAIGN just to get some of us who aren’t into the seerah thing interested. Alhamdulillaah, I succeeded to a point (smile to Jannah). I guess you are going to start reading too in shaa Allah if you don’t do that already.

Among them are also the men and women of recent times who strived and are striving to walk in the path of ‘the men and women of old.’ Two of the women among this category are Sheikha Zeinab al-Ghazali and Sheikha Amina Assilmi.

These are also people that we must read about and learn from their struggles to keep the flames of their faith burning. Unfortunately, our youth, the Muslim youth especially, simply detests reading…yet did Allah azza wa jal not make ‘iqra’ ‘read’ ‘learn’ ‘recite’ ‘research’ ‘look for’ ‘find’ e.t.c. His first command to the noble one? Indeed, in this is a sign for the thoughtful.

So, I want to talk about Sheikha Amina Assilmi. She died in 2010 and we pray that Allah jalla jalaaluhu shower an abundance of His Rahma (Mercy), Magfira (Forgiveness) and Nuur (Light) upon her and all of those who have gone ahead of us. Aameen.

She gave an awesome answer to why she, as a Muslim woman, needs and has to dress in the Islamic cover which we mostly called the hijab, the barrier. It is her answer that I wanted to type verbatim and leave you to go and read about her (smile for sadaqa). But let me give you some facts about her to make you hungry enough to want to know more. Will I succeed? Well, let’s see! (Unfortunately, some people are simply unresponsive).

The Gist

Amina Assilmi was a Christian who didn’t play by the rules much and she was a feminist too. She got a scholarship to study in the University and she found that there were Arab Muslims in one of her class. She refused to sit in the same class with them because she had them labelled already:

‘Muslims were a bunch of terrorists and uncivilized beings.’

At least, that was what the media programmed her mind to believe in just like it still does a million more ignorant ones. May Allah azza wa jal grant us His guidance. Aameen. She tried to change her course but it didn’t work out so she had to make do with them in the class. She then decided to do something good for them at least, interesting huh! What good is that?

‘She wanted to preach Christ and all the Christianity thing to them so they could have their souls saved.’

And she did start. Well, that is one of the things I admire about some people in the other faiths, they are passionate about spreading the message and they do not fear to do so whenever granted the opportunity.

As she sweet-talked them into salvation, they posed as a challenge to her. She started to practise Christianity as it is preached in the Bible and not the popular ‘everyone-does-as-pleased’ type of Christianity. They challenged her about drinking alcohol, living a morally righteous life, dressing decently and she found out too late that she was changing from the free-living woman she used to be into a woman like the Bible wanted her to be. She was still Christian.

Soon, the truth finally settled calmly in her heart and being someone who has always believed in standing by the truth come what may, she decided to profess it against all odds. She took the shahada…

‘She bore witness that indeed there was absolutely nothing that any human being should dare worship but Allah, the Mighty and Majestic and she bore witness that Prophet Muhammad suallallaahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed his final Messenger and a Prophet.’

May Allah azza wa jal make us among the people whose belief in this never ever shirks for whatever reason and may we die on this beauty, this shahada. Aameen.

She decided that she will wear the long covering clothes but she wouldn’t cover her hair (smiles) but…

‘the parable of her kind of faith in the heart was like a glowing seed put in the best of soils and blessed with the best of conditions…it grows and glows.’

So, she started the total cover and with joy until she inspired a lot more to do the same. You must wait patiently to read the answer she gives to ‘why the hijab?’ in order to know what I am talking about.

The Trials Did Come…

Her whole family was non-Muslim and each one of them had the bad media image of Islam just like she used to have deeply imprinted on their beings. They would not have her, their blood, get lured into something like that ever so they tried their very best to take her Islam out of her heart…How could that be possible? Reminds me of how she described her Islamic feel in a lecture of hers I watched. She says;

‘I love Islam. Islam is absolutely my life. There is nothing in the world as important to me as Islam. And there is nothing in the world that I am not willing to give up for the sake of Allah, for Islam, for the Muslims. That is a fact! It’s an unquestionable fact! Because Islam is everything to me because I know the power of Islam. I know the power of Allah. I understand Allah’s love. I understand His wisdom. I understand His Mercy. I understand His justice and I know there is nothing that is better and I wish to share this with everyone and the first thing I had to learn was how to present Islam and how to live Islam.’

Subhaanallaahi Robbil ‘Arshil ‘Azeem! Indeed, she achieved this aim because she is an inspiration and a motivation to me at least. May Allah azza wa jal make us like her and better. Aameen. And indeed, we must not just read these things but also ponder on them and ask ourselves questions: do we feel this way too?

For a person with such a passion, we should know that Allah azza wa jal is her strength and no human could bring her faith down even for even an inch ever. And that was exactly what happened; none of them…those who wanted to kill her and those who wanted to give her a mind treatment, none of them succeeded.

Her husband divorced her. She had two children, a boy and a girl. She had been diagnosed of cancer and told that she would not live that long (and she did live long) and she cannot give birth again either. So, her children were her world. She found herself in a court and given thirty (30) minutes to choose between her two children and Islam. It is a wonder how a court could actually do something like that! The enmity for Islam is overwhelming! She says in an article;

‘During the divorce, there was a time when I was told I could make a choice. I could renounce this religion and leave with my children, or renounce my children and leave with my religion. I was in shock. To me, this was not a possible choice. If I renounce my Islam, I would be teaching my children how to be deceptive for there was no way to deny what was in my heart. I could not deny Allah, not then, not ever. I prayed like I had never prayed before. After the thirty minutes was up, I knew that there was no safer place for my children to be than in the hands of Allah. If I denied Him, there will be no way in the future to show to my children the wonders of being with Allah. The courts were told that I would leave my children in the hands of Allah. This was not a rejection of my children! I left the courts knowing that life without my children will be very difficult. My heart bled, even though I knew, inside, I had done the right thing. I found solace in Aayat-ul-Kursiyy.’

And indeed, whoever puts his or her trust in Allah azza wa jal, then indeed He is enough for the person.

Alhamdulillaah! Almost all of her family members became Muslim overtime. She lost them and her job but Allah azza wa jal, who is able to do all things that might seem impossible in our sights as humans, brought everything back to her in a much better package.

It started with her grandmother who died about a month after she had become Muslim. Then her father who hid his Islam from everyone only for them to find out when they were trying to let him know that her mother wanted to become Muslim now whether he liked it or not. Amazing, isn’t it? And then her former husband had become Muslim and living his life somewhere and her two children became Muslims. Alhamdulillaah!

Why Hijab? Super Answer

So, this amazing Ruby of Our Deen (smile to Jannah…so a khalil of mine addressed me like that and I prayed…Yaa Allah! Make me so. Aameen), gives a mind-blowing answer to why the hijab. She says;

‘And I had promised the young sisters that I would also go ahead and…because we are talking about how we can make an impact, the women, and one of the ways is you have to be able to explain Islam in a way that they would understand. Ok. So, one of the most important things they always ask about is the rug on our heads. Why do we wear that thing? Ok. And you know, I’m amazed, I ask Muslims why do your women cover their hair and may be one out of 99 gives the right answer. Now, if Muslims don’t know why women wear this scarf, how do we expect non-Muslims to understand? Seriously! The Qur’an itself says why we cover our hair. What does the Qur’an say?

To identify ourselves as being Muslim; that is number one. That we will be recognised. We put this on, this is an act of truthfulness, all right, so that everybody will know that we are Muslim women. We want everyone to know that we are Muslim women. We are proud of being Muslim women but then this says a lot too.

See, what this tells everyone who sees me is; what stands before you is a woman of enormous strength, enormous courage and integrity. This woman will not lie, she will not cheat, she will not deceive. She will be the best employer, the best employee, the best friend, the best adviser, the best counsellor. That is a Muslim woman. You can trust her. And it is a warning. Oh yah!  

It looks apparent and it tells to everybody; what stands before you is a woman who knows her worth. She knows her value. She is not a toy so don’t even try to play with her. This is a woman you take serious. See, my hijab lets people know straight up front that I want to be set apart from everyone else. I want you to know who I am and this is what you have a right to expect from me and this is what I will accept from you, therefore, when you come near me, leave your profanity somewhere else. I will not hear it. When you come to me, don’t tell me stories about someone else, I do not eat the flesh of my brother.

This identifies me as being a Muslim woman. Now, the ayah goes further, you know, when it says that; you will not be molested and some people have taken the word molested and turned it into ‘rape.’ It has nothing to do with rape. Actually, rape has nothing to do with sexual attraction. Rape is an act of violence and hate and domination. Old women, I mean, ancient old women, even older than me get raped. Ok! No matter what you wear, it doesn’t matter because it has nothing to do with sex. They are not turned on; they are filled with hate. That is where rape comes from. It has nothing to do with sex.

When He speaks of protection, the protection comes from your attitude. Ok! Because I know what Allah has said about me then I am going to have what I call; ‘the Islamic attitude.’ I’m not a toy. I’m truth. I’m honesty. You can trust me. Ok! I take my attitude and I let you know; ‘you don’t go pass this point with me.’ I don’t accept that. That is my attitude and that attitude, makes everyone notice so when I walk up to a shopping centre, ok, everyone rushes to open the door for me. I expect it; so they do it. If I get on a bus, they would get up and give me their seat. I expect it; so they do it. I walk into a room where they are telling a dirty story and they stop because they know I won’t tolerate it. So, I have the Islamic attitude that lets people know what to expect from me and at the same time, anyone who has trouble knows that they can come to me and talk to me about their problems and their problems will be safe. It will be secured and the guidance they get will be the best of guidance.

Therefore, I do counselling not only of Muslims but of non-Muslims because they trust me. They know they can trust me. See, these little things, they may sound like little things, but they really aren’t. But you see the difference in the way that I explain things to you and some people go…(makes a face)… you know, they think this is horrible but I don’t think it is horrible. I think it is closer to the truth than what has been…’’

So, this is just like…she has said it all. The challenge now is;

‘Do you as a Muslim woman understand your covering in such a manner?’

‘Do you don this blessed covering at all?’

‘Will you take it as a challenge to start donning it if you don’t do so already?’

‘If you do, will you try to live a life such as she describes above, that comes with this code of dressing?’

Alhamdulillaah thumma alhamdulillaah! I believe this is enough to set all of us thinking about how much of the purpose of our lives, which is solely worship, we are living. The standards have been set by millions. We only have to learn how to trek in those beautifully impressive footsteps as we pray for acceptance from Allah azza wa jal.

May Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa forgive all of our wrongs, past, present and future. May He forgive our living and our dead. May He count us among His blessed and beloved slaves both in this Dunya and the Akhira and may He increase us in His consciousness, taqwa. Aameen.

Remember as I say always, and I mean it from the deepest core of my heart, I love you for the sake of Allah and I pray that Allah azza wa jal will love us even more. Aameen.

Jazaakumullaahu khair always!
Assalaamu alaykum!
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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

SHE IS DIFFERENT (Part One): A lecture by Mufti Ismail Menk I typed just for you

4th Muharram, 1436                                                          Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

So, I was planning for my next article to be either on the follow up to the Young Scholar Saga or on the Beautiful Soul but I listened to this lecture and I could not help not having my readers, the ladies especially, have a feel of it. It was like what I have been trying to do and call on my Muslim sisters to do the same. Now, here we go! Mufti Menk has it all…

He gives a beautiful introduction as usual and he says;

This evening, the topic that I am going to be speaking on is; How is she different? How is who different? She? Who is she? She is a ‘Believing Female.’ How is she different from the others? What makes her a Believing Female? What makes her so important? What is different about her?

Point number one and we need to know this: A Believing Female is focused. She has focus upon what? Focus upon the pleasure of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa. She is focused upon the goal that she has which is to earn Jannah (Paradise). She knows that this life is absolutely temporary and she knows that she can go any minute. She can go now or within the next five minutes, five years or fifty years. So she knows that it is important for her to be prepared for the day that she meets with Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa and that is her focus.

Whatever she does, she asks herself; ‘Will this please my Maker?’ ‘Will this be something that will earn the pleasure of my Maker or will it be earning the wrath of my Maker?’ We ask Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa to bless our sisters and our brothers and we ask Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa to help us all focus because this focus upon Paradise and upon the pleasure of Allah is what makes us primarily different from the others who are focused upon worldly material items.

When we say worldly material items, there are some who are focused upon a motor vehicle, some are focused upon a kitchen; subhaanallaah! You know we have the latest ‘rotematics’, have you seen it? Some are focused on that more than they are focused on their sualaat, subhaanallaah. The last lecture I mentioned it in, people simply emailed: Please tell us where we can buy it and I’m like, subhaanallaah! That is 20 rotis in one minute or in 20 minutes; I am not too sure now but we are more interested in good food than we are in Jannah, subhaanallaah.

So a Mu’minah, she is different by the fact that she is focused upon Paradise. She would try to achieve whatever she can in the Dunya in terms of facilitating this life and making it easy for her to live here but her prime focus is the Akhira (Hereafter), the pleasure of Allah. So, if she can achieve the kitchen once she is pleasing Allah, she would do that. If she cannot, the kitchen is by the way but the relation with Allah is never by the way.

So, focus on matters of the Dunya sometimes leads us astray in the sense that when we begin to focus on a watch, and this is what I want, on a phone; this is what I want, or for example on a perfume and this is what I need, or an abaya and this is what I like with everything blin blin on it, subhaanallaah! If that is our focus, then we will be so happy and so excited when we have those accessories and that handbag and that mobile phone and those shoes and we can walk with that figure, with that…subhaanallaah! You know, abaya looking so beautiful and jump into that car, go into that home and it makes us so happy not realizing: What did you do for Jannah? Because Allah has given you five more minutes to spend with those items; now what? Allahu Akbar!

You have five more minutes to enjoy the house, the husband, the children and everything else. So, this is Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa’s gift to us that He has kept so many things in the world but He has told the Believing Female and the Believing Male that your focus should not be the items that We have provided for you in the Dunya.

Many people, when they want to get married, they don’t realize that what we are focused upon is actually Dunya. This man doesn’t have a salary which is good enough for me or my daughter and so on and so forth not realizing that he’s got everything else and perhaps he might live in a hut but he will protect your daughter in such a way that that man who is living in a castle will not do and who knows, the one in the castle might only have five more minutes to live or five years. Allahu Akbar! May Allah protect us all. This is why we say the hadith speaks of focus;

Prophet Muhammad suallallaahu alayhi wa sallam says;

‘when proposals come for your daughters from those who are of deen and those whose character is acceptable, allow them to be married.’

If you don’t allow them to be married because you focus on something else, in that particular case, there will be fitna and fasaad on the earth. And what is that fitna and fasaad? Corruption and vice, chaos and sin, that is what is happening. May Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa grant us protection.

So, we are not saying that look for the poorest person in the Dunya; what we are saying is; you can compromise when it comes to wealth, you can compromise when it comes to the type of car you are going to have in the house you are going to live in but you will not compromise when it comes to the deen because you are a believing female focused upon the pleasure of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa.

You might have a man for example; he is wealthy, he provides everything for you; he has his bad habits which you don’t know about which creep up later on to the degree that the children that we get may not be as focused as they should be because of the choices that we have made for marriage or the choices that our parents have wrongly guided us towards making if they themselves were not focused. May Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa grant us the issue of focus.

So, to be focused on the pleasure of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa, to be focused on Paradise and to be focused on the eternal life and to realize that this life is absolutely temporary is what differentiates a believing female from she who does not believe. Allahu Akbar!

Remember this and remember it carefully. What are you focused on? Ask yourself every day. Some of us are just focused on having a degree in the Dunya. We are not saying that is wrong. It is important that you are educated in the Dunya, but are you doing that and paying as a payment your link with Allah? If that is the case then you are at a loss. The focus is not correct. But is that making you stronger for the sake of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa? If yes, then alhamdulillaah, you’ve achieved a lot. You know, we would like to achieve in the Dunya and the Akhira, you know the du’a that Allah made mention of in Surat Al-Baqarah, the Cow, Chapter 2 ayah 201;

‘’But among them is he who says, "Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire."

This is something amazing. This shows us focus that Oh Allah! As much as we would like to have a pleasurable, joyful, enjoyable or should I say; a smooth life in the Dunya, we would like to be focused on the Akhira, in a way that we will achieve Paradise no matter what happens in this particular world. I would not compromise my Paradise. I will get up for salaat. I will make sure I dedicate and so on. Let’s move on to some more of the points of differentiation and what makes her different.

The next point we have closely connected to the first one; the issue of belief. Belief is in the heart. Belief cannot be seen by people. If I were to tell someone I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad suallallaahu alayhi wa sallam is His final Messenger and so on. If I were to say that; I have just become a Muslim, which means I have declared my Islam. My submission openly but people cannot gauge the level of my eemaan and my belief.

The belief is the next step which will now build my link with Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa, my Maker. I bear witness that He who made me is He to whom I am going to return to. He has absolute control of every aspect of my existence so if I am unhappy, He owns my happiness. If I am poor, He owns my wealth. If I am sick, he owns my cure. I need to know this. I need to believe in it firmly and this is what makes me focused and this is what belief is all about. It helps us focus.

So, to believe in Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa, in His Mercy and to believe that Allah loves you; so when a sister believes that Allah loves her, she is different from others. She is different from those who don’t believe in Allah to start with or those who believe that Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa is not Merciful, audhubillaah. We all read the beginning of the Qur’an and we start off reading the beginning of any Surah, we find;

‘In the name of Allah, Most Forgiving, Most Forgiving’

Subhaanallaah! Or should I say;

‘Most Merciful, Most Merciful’

Amazing! One is a specialized Mercy and the other is an all-encompassing Mercy. The first one is that which is all-encompassing and the second one is that which is a specialized Mercy for those who have belief in that Mercy of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa.

So, you need to believe that Allah loves you even if you are going through difficulties, my sister, Allah loves you. You are going through health matters and issues, Allah loves you. Be focused upon that. Believe in that. That is what makes you different from the others. Allah loves you so much that sometimes He gives you such a great gift known as a sickness which you might perceive to be negative but your eemaan and the fact that you are focusing and your belief makes you realize that it is actually a gift of Allah to draw you closer to Him. Amazing! This is belief.

So I am convinced that Allah loves me even if I trip walking down from here, I’m still convinced that Allah loves me. I am convinced. I don’t need to become upset if this fan does not work or it is making a noise or for example I have a distraction on this I don’t need to get upset. I can rectify it with a smile and I can still be the happiest person ever because I believe that Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa has given me an ability and it is He who gave me the ability, had He not wanted it, I would not have had the ability. Amazing! This is Allah! This is the focus. This is what makes you a Mu’min. This is what makes you different from other people.

No matter what you have it does not make you lose focus. Today, when we have a lot, we lose focus by sitting in front of the TV and watching Bollywood movies or Hollywood movies or if you come from Zimbabwe, Zollywood movies and we are focused on that; why? Because our Dunya, maa shaa Allah, we have everything. We have the whole world. We have a flick of a finger and the driver comes, we have a flick of a finger and the car is there, we have a flick of a finger and everything is there. We have a little phone call or a little tapping on the internet and the shopping is at home. Allahu Akbar! So now, what’s left? I just got to sit in front of the TV and enjoy myself and have a massage every day and look at myself in the mirror and make …Subhaanallaah, we are just interested in mark and everything else. Why? Because we have lost focus. We’ve lost focus.

So, some of us are more interested in making ourselves up than we are in living the real life and focusing on Allah and focusing on Paradise. That face is going to be eaten by worms. May Allah protect us but it is a reality. Allahu Akbar! That was quiet a hard statement but it is a fact, you have to face it. If you are focused you will know maa shaa Allah! I am allowed to look great, alhamdulillaah! That is Allah’s gift upon me but if that is my focus then I’ve lost focus. To be honest with you I’ve lost focus completely. I shouldn’t be. My main aim of existence is the make-up, no. Like I say, when Allah has blessed us with so many things and we’ve got good health, we want to show things so Allah says, I can just take that away momentarily so that you realize that I have given you a gift and you realize refocus, come back to us. May Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa bless us all.

To believe and to be convinced in the power of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa is also what makes a mu’minah different from others. What makes her different is that she is convinced in the power of Allah. Nothing is impossible for Allah so if you are a person who’s had no children, not at all. 14, 15 years have passed by you will still continue making du’a to Allah and having hope that one day, He will provide you with what you are asking because you are different. You have conviction and you know that Allah has given you so much in the Qur’an to show you that others have delivered even after 50 years, 60 years, 80 years of their lives. Allahu Akbar!

So a believing female is convinced as to the Qudra and the power of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa. I believe firmly, and the men as well, obviously, this is a believer, we believe firmly that Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa can do anything. He can do absolutely anything. 

Nothing is impossible for Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa, that’s what I believe. That conviction is what cures you when you are sick. Do you know that? That conviction is what cures you when you are sick and that conviction is what provides for you when you don’t have. You are convinced because that is the power of Allah that comes in and it is Allah who is the Provider.

Ultimately, it is always Allah who does that for us. When we make du’a, we need to be convinced as we are supplicating our Maker that Allah is going to provide this for me. Why should we supplicate if we are half heart and say it might not be and may be perhaps, so many people who have had cancer, may Allah grant them cure, have been cured not by medicine alone but by the will of Allah through His power where He has given the ability to diagnose it at a certain stage when it was early enough to have cured it. Allahu Akbar!

And I can tell you something else, sometimes, we are affected by that disease and yet through our du’a, Allah cures it for us before we ever went for diagnoses so we don’t even know only the day we die and we meet Allah we might know; one day you were sick but you had such a detrimental disease, through your du’a, we cured you before you even went to the doctor to get it checked and to diagnose it. Allahu Akbar!

My mothers and sisters, I pause here for a moment and I divert slightly to say; when you are sick and ill, it is your duty, incumbent upon you to seek medication. It is your duty. Do not rely only on du’a. Du’a is a part of it. The conviction in the power of Allah is definitely holistic without a joke, but at the same time, when Allah has given you ability, capability and capacity to go out and seek medication, you must do that. You must go out! You must test yourself! You must check yourself! You must diagnose as part of your duty unto Allah.

He has given you an amaanah, which is the body of yours. This body does not belong to you, it belongs to Allah. You need to look after it. If someone gave you a car to look after whiles they were out of the country and you happen to damage it, wouldn’t you go and repair it?  Before they came to say this car doesn’t belong to me. Before anything happens, I better drive it carefully. I better make sure everything is ok. If I had a speeding fine or two, I better go and pay it up before this brother comes back or whoever comes back and before I have to give the car back. The same applies to our bodies. They are not ownership of ours so a believing woman does not just tattoo herself anywhere and everywhere because she knows that it is haraam. She does not just pierce herself anywhere and everywhere because she knows where the limits are. Allahu Akbar!

Whereas when you have people who are not believers or sometimes their eemaan is weak, they don’t even know. And sometimes they know but they defy and begin to do things not realizing that this body is only a uniform given for your soul to exist in this temporary world for a little while and Allah will take it away so I normally say that Allah took a soul, put it in your body so your body has warmed the soul. It is the uniform of the soul. One day, the body will take out that soul. The soul will come out by the will of Allah, you leave the body and the uniform gone down. You are no longer known by your name or the body is known as the body, after that; not with your name.

You know what that means? Every one of us, when we die, nobody is going to say; ‘where is Muhammad?’ They will say; ‘where is the body?’ ‘Bring the body here’ ‘Is the body at home?’ ‘Is the body here?’ They are not going to say; ‘where is Khadijah?’ ‘Bring Fatima here’ ‘Bring Abdallah this side here’ or ‘lower Abdallah into the grave.’ Nobody ever says that. They say; ‘lower the body into the grave’ ‘bring the body here’ ‘bring the body there’ ‘where is the body?’ ‘how far is the body’ ‘what happened to the body?’ and so on. Why is it the body? Because the soul is gone. Have you ever thought of that? Well, it is the reality. A believing female focuses on that…. (to be continued).

Maa shaa Allah. I typed this days ago. I was hoping to have everything in one piece but the man speaks thousand words in one minute (smile to Jannah). In shaa Allah, I am going to do well to bring you the remaining part soonest. If you can, search the video on youtube or get it from other people who have the lecture already and watch for a kick to ‘become a beautiful soul.’ May Allah azza wa jal accept from him and from us. Aameen. I love you, fiisabilillaah!

Jazaakumullaahu khair always!
Assalaamu alaykum!
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